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    Love is blindness


    The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of good and awful. One of the positive things was that my third novel with Loose Id, The Highwayman Came Riding, came out just in time for Pride Month! I'm very pleased with it and hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I adored writing it. Loose Id is selling it here, and it is also available through iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon (.com, .ca, .co.uk, .co.jp, &c.), and Kobo.


    Another positive thing is that I finished making 1,000 origami cranes (pictures on my main Instagram account). I'm not sure what I'll do with them, but it might involve fire. Smoke for the stars, perhaps.


    I've several manuscripts (by which I mean no fewer than five full-length novels 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。) I haven't yet submitted to my editor for consideration because I don't think they're quite ready for review, and it's my goal to complete a few of these in full before I embark on any more novels. Including the novel pairing of the teaser Pirate's Spoils, out in about a month! The trouble is, I've had an idea about mafia lesbians in the 1970s that just won't get out of my head... Blame it on all the Lana Del Rey I've been enjoying lately.


    Happy Pride!

    Sword Dance is out!


    Heartwood 2: Sword Dance, is now on sale with my publisher, Loose Id, as well as iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon (.com, .ca, .co.uk), Kobo, and Google Play. I suggest shopping around a bit to see where you get the best prices for your country. I hope you like it!!


    I've also just learnt my m/m BDSM teaser, Pirate's Spoils, will be available FOR FREE come this July! I won't give too much away as it's short and sweet, but it's ~literally~ the hottest bit of smut I've written to date and introduces you to my first true Bad Boy character. Like tattoos? The golden age of piracy? Interracial couples? Check back for more updates soon!

    My Sexy Saturday's lucky 7s blog hop

    20.04.2017 p.m. (It was a busy day I guess)

    The following seven paragraphs are a teaser from 16th century Scottish erotic romance novel, Heartwood 2: Sword Dance, and are part of My Sexy Saturday's blog hop. Sword Dance is coming out 25.04.2017 with Loose Id!:


    William was seated before the crackling fire in his bedchamber, grateful he was not out in the raging storm. He supposed Lord Friseal was, and he regretted him his wet fate. William sighed, turning the page on his simple book, wondering if he would ever grasp all the intricacies of the written word. It would not be so awful, he thought, if spellings were consistent, as then he could just memorize the order of letters in the words. As it was, orthography was variable, and this led to much confusion. He rubbed his tired eyes and jumped when a heavy knocking interrupted his studying session.


    “Enter,” he said, closing his book and looking to the door. Lord Friseal threw open the door, which banged against the wall behind it and bounced shut. He was, William saw, soaked to the skin, his shirt rendered transparent by rainwater, his hair curlier than ever. He clutched a bouquet of wildflowers in his fist. “My lord?” William whispered, breathless. His heart fluttered in a familiar way. It had become lively as a butterfly for several months now whenever he saw Lord Friseal.


    “I found these,” Lord Friseal said, dripping water onto the floor as he raised the wildflowers, “and thought of you.”


    William stared at Lord Friseal, then at the flowers. They appeared to be lupines of a range of colors: pale pink, lavender, mauve, magenta, blue, and periwinkle. William opened his mouth but found he had no words to say. Instead of speaking, he rose and crossed the room to stand before Lord Friseal, who still held the bouquet like an offering. William accepted them, and they were cool and wet against his fingers. Rainwater leaked down his wrists and into his sleeves.


    “Thank you, my lord,” he whispered, gazing up at Lord Friseal. “They’re lovely.”


    “As are you,” Lord Friseal burred, water droplets dripping from his beard and onto the front of his already soaked shirt.


    “Thank you.”


    William could see Lord Friseal’s lips behind his ginger beard, and they were parted, as though he was about to say more. He did not get the opportunity, for William stood on his toes and kissed them.

    Summer update + authorship growing pains

    20.04.2017 a.m.

    I have three new works coming out between now and summer 2017!:

    1. Heartwood 2: Sword Dance (m/m 16th century erotic romance novel, release date: 25.04.2017)
    2. The Highwayman Came Riding (m/m 18th century erotic romance novel, release date: 06.06.2017) 
    3. Pirate's Spoils (m/m and ménage BDSM teaser, release date: TBA)

    It's become apparent to me now I really must delve into the virtual maze of social media to help promote my writing. I've had Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads for a while now (though historically used them sparingly), and I just got a Facebook account and page yesterday! Still working on the most efficient way of linking all these...


    Blog tours (i.e. virtual book tours) are the next enigma I need to decode. I love the idea, but the organization requires more networking than I currently know how to do. It doesn't help that I'm quite introverted! If I ever figure this out, I'll probably post a tutorial for all the other shy n00bs like me.


    Can't wait to share my new stories and characters with you all!

    First edits complete


    A new year must have new books! Heartwood 2: Sword Dance will be coming out this April! :) It's been a long time (almost 3 years!!) since I first penned the Heartwood series, and I'm pleased to see how much my style has developed since I began.


    My Georgian Era bit of (s)ass has also been accepted for publication! I'm super excited about this one as I had heaps of fun writing it in late 2016 and it was very well received by my publisher. Redcoats, highwaymen, and cats, oh my!

    What next?


    The encore to PotT, Heartwood 2: Sword Dance, has just been approved! More Scottish moors, dark secrets, and m/m relationship development are coming... Edits await, but I'm excited to say SD should be on digital shelves in 2017! :)


    I've another project (think Pride and Prejudice but sassier) in the wings—check back soon!

    Prick of the Thistle is out!


    This queer brainchild of mine can be yours! On sale through Loose Id at: http://bit.ly/2fiDa3J. Also available through iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com.

    Progress report 2


    Loving the cover art by the wonderful Valerie Tibbs for PotT! What a talented team Loose Id has. So excited for the big reveal in only 3 days!! :) And there's already a sequel on the way...

    Progress report


    The first round of edits are complete and PotT is gliding on in the publication process! It's out of my hands now and with my very capable editor. This is my first stab at novel authorship, and the experience has been grand thus far. We now have a release date: 8 November 2016. I can't wait!



    I am so excited to be bringing you my stories with Loose Id. Please stay tuned for the release of my upcoming novel, Prick of the Thistle, a homoerotic romp through 16th century Scotland! If you like reading about men who like men, whether they are burly or girly, then check back soon.